martes, 10 de agosto de 2010

Yahsat Subsidiaries Win TRA Licenses in United Arab Emirates

Yahsat subsidiaries Al Yah Advanced Satellite Communications Services and Star Satellite Communications won licenses from the United Arab Emirates Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

Al Yah Advanced was issued a 10-year satellite services license, with Star receiving a 10-year satellite and broadcasting services license. While the Al Yah Advanced license is limited to providing telecoms services to the government, the Star license allows the company to provide a portfolio of telecommunications services such as turn-key telecoms solutions, broadband services and broadcasting services within the United Arab Emirates.
“The TRA strategy aims to widen the services and the packages offered in the market through satellite providers. We fully believe that fair competition is a fundamental factor to drive the market forward and to ensure resourcefulness. The telecom sector has witnessed massive changes within the last four years; we are aiming to position our country as a center for integrated telecommunications services. Issuing the licenses to Al Yah Advanced and Star will definitely add value to the telecom sector,” TRA Director General Mohamed Al Ghanim said in a statement.
In February, parent company Yahsat was awarded a satellite services license from the TRA to install, operate and manage its satellite and ground network in the United Arab Emirates.

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