martes, 3 de agosto de 2010

Expand Networks... A Military Mindset

As military organizations continue to seek the best methods to deliver network services, visitors to this booth can learn how a specific technology can eliminate congestion, latency and reliability issues that are being experienced by the forces over satellite links as well as how to maximize military communications, even in the most harsh locations on land, in air and at sea.

A live demonstration will enable delegates to LandWarNet 2010 to witness how Expand’s unique optimization techniques are bringing real-time network services closer to the forward edge of the battle area and accelerate the kill-chain. “Within any military environment, performance is everything and we understand that the network is no exception to this rule,” explains Howard Teicher, Vice President for Public Sector & Satellite Markets at Expand Networks. “The military cannot afford to be limited by unreliable wireless or satellite links for mission-critical communications in combat environments. They require optimization to squeeze every possible bit of performance out of a network, whether for intelligence, command and control, or tactical communications - or morale, welfare and recreation – all critical components to achieving a mission.”
The technology demonstration will enable military experts to explore Expand’s capabilities that include integrated Space Communication Protocol Standard technology, Layer 7 traffic discovery, and Quality of Service, acceleration and optimization in a real-time environment where changes can be configured on the fly to simulate any military environment.

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