viernes, 6 de agosto de 2010

Nigeria Communication Satellite Can Save 25% Of N74b

As the controversy over the N74 billion estimated by Independent National Electoral Commission INEC to conduct 2011 election continued, the Nigeria Communication Satellite (NICOMSAT), yesterday announced that at least 25 per cent of the total amount could be saved using the smart card developed by the agency.
The Managing Director of NICOMSAT, Mr. Ahmed Rufai, who disclosed this to some journalists in Abuja, said his agency has full complement of an electronic voting system and a modified electronic ballot box that cannot be shattered or snuffed, and capable of registering the entire populace within one month.

Rufai, however, stated that instead of going for 120,000 unites of the Direct Data Capturing Machines (DDC) as proposed by INEC, NICOMSAT can solve the problem with only 5,000 units of smart card, adding that his agency can also provide the DDC using Zinox as an indigenous technology to get the software installed in a computer.
His words: "It is about the scope, somebody can mention figure. The only thing I can say is that there is no way we will not save cost at least 20-25per cent using our own e-voting system. In our own proposal, we don't need more than 5,000 units against 120,000 units mentioned by INEC.
"What we calculated is 4,000 units, which mean that in every local government, we will have a minimum of about 5 points and you can capture about 200 voters everyday. By individual in a month, we will be able to capture 180,000 voters in LGA. In one month you can capture the whole nation using 4,000 units of smart card,” he stated.

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