jueves, 5 de agosto de 2010

O3b Selects Europe Media Port as its First Gateway Teleport Operator

O3b Networks Ltd. (O3b)  announced the selection of Europe Media Port (EMP) - the world’s fastest growing teleport in 2009 according to the World Teleport Association - to be the first provider of Gateway Teleport services for O3b’s global network. This long term agreement allows for the provision of a range of services for O3b from the Nemea Teleport in Greece. Through this location, O3b will link its reliable Gigabit IP network connectivity and bandwidth services to clients located in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. The Nemea, Greece Teleport is the first of multiple Teleport sites to be located worldwide, enabling O3b to provide global network and connectivity services.
O3b will install multiple 7.3m Ka-Band Gateway antennas at the Nemea facility enabling low latency, high-speed IP services to customer-end remote terminals. On the ground, the Gateway will initially support the provision of greater than 12 Gigabits per second throughput serving up to 10 spot beams simultaneously. O3b anticipates future expansion of the site to provide even greater capacity as customer demands grow.

“We are delighted about the agreement with EMP. With over 15 years of operational expertise at the Nemea facilities, the EMP team is an instrumental partner on our way to establish a seamless data service network for our clients. EMP’s services will further assist us in rolling out our new, ground-breaking solution to provide fast Internet connectivity to billions of citizens, businesses and organizations in previously poorly connected regions around the world,” said Brian Holz, CTO of O3b Networks.
We are proud to be the first globally to host an O3b Gateway Teleport Service, via the Nemea Teleport based in Greece. By selecting EMP, O3b can leverage our strategic geographical position, our competitive offerings to the data markets, our diverse fiber connectivity and world class facilities. We are very pleased that O3b has selected EMP to support the company’s innovative system and we are looking forward to being a long term partner of O3b and supporting its future expansion,” added Dimitrios Papaharalabos, Head of Sales and Marketing of EMP.
This new agreement is an important step forward for O3b as it deploys a range of highly reliable and superior quality services to clients around the world. A single O3b satellite beam - covering a geographical area of over 600km/diameter on the ground – delivers fast data connectivity and fiber like latency coupled with very high capacity. This capacity will be available to mobile backhaul operators, backbone operators, government entities, and data or bandwidth resellers. O3b’s ground-breaking technology will serve current and future demand for connectivity in emerging markets.

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