viernes, 13 de agosto de 2010

Satelllite Optimization Enhances Network Performance for Remote Branch Offices

For remote branch offices that are unable to access ISDN or fiber infrastructure, Satellite links are the only hope for communications and networking. But, increasing bandwidth over Satellite links is a very expensive proposition. However, there is a more cost-effective alternative to improve network performance of satellite links: satellite optimization.


For the purpose of optimizing its clients’ satellites, Roseland, NJ-based Expand Networks, Inc. has developed wide-area network (WAN) compression and acceleration algorithms to significantly enhance application response time across network to remote sites.
Consolidated Minerals (CSM), an independent West Australian public company whose principle operations are the exploration, mining, processing and exporting of high grade manganese and chromite ores from Western Australia to markets in Asia and Europe, demonstrated the effectiveness of satellite optimization.
Because CSM’s two main projects are in remote regions of Australia, they required advanced communication solutions. In fact, the two projects, the Woodie Woodie Manganese Project and the Coobina Chromite Project, are located a respective 1,3000 km and 1,000 km from CSM’s headquarters in Perth, Australia.
Due the remoteness of these sites, CSM is dependent on satellite communications to network the main project sites with the head office. The CSM network has up to 100 users and provides the infrastructure necessary to support administrative tasks for the main mine sites. The network is used for Internet, e-mail, remote desktop and Telnet applications.
To improve application response time, CSM found that increasing bandwidth over Satellite links was very costly. The Australian company was looking for a more cost-effective option to improve its network performance.
So, to achieve a minimum of 200 percent improvement in bandwidth, CSM adopted Expand Network’s satellite optimization technology, the 4820 Acceleration device.
CSM installed two Expand 4820 Accelerator devices on their network, one at the headquarters and another at the remote mine site in Coobina. In addition, the company also utilized Expand’s QoS feature to improve responsiveness of real-time applications such as Telnet and remote desktops, which are critical to its business operations.
According to Expand Networks, proof of concept testing exceeded customer expectations when it produced a 300-400 percent increase in bandwidth and demonstrated the ability to perform effectively over Satellite links to remote sites.
In summary, satellite optimization enabled CSM to avoid costly bandwidth upgrades and improved its “real-time” responsiveness for business critical applications by dramatically boosting capacity of the company’s satellite network.

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