martes, 10 de agosto de 2010

Cobham Sea Tel® Sees And Tells All — Always-On (VSAT)

If you're (floating and boating) in the maritime environment Cobham SATCOM's new Sea Tel XX10 marine stabilized antenna enables bandwidth conscious customers to enjoy the benefits of Always-On VSAT network.

The XX10 series is a lighter weight, easy-to-install, marine stabilized antenna system for broadband connectivity. Available in 40 inch (100cm) and 50 inch (125cm) reflector sizes, it is configured to be compatible with all Ku-Band frequencies. It is designed to meet some of the most stringent design specifications such as EN 60945, MIL STD 461, MIL STD 167-1 and IEC 60950. The XX10 will run with Sea Tel’s latest DAC (digital antenna controller), along with the latest generation electronics and software. The XX10 system is fully enabled to work with remote management devices to provide remote access, control and management of the system. The antenna will also be equipped with the proven Sea Tel stabilization system, isolating the antenna system from ship’s motion no matter how rough the sea state or weather conditions. The XX10 is available both in co polarization configuration for global customers and cross polarization configuration for regional customers.

The XX10 will enable Sea Tel dealers to offer a higher return on investment and reduced cost of ownership, with application specific products for their customers. Sea Tel is currently shipping this product worldwide.

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