jueves, 12 de agosto de 2010

CapRock Launches Energy Market VSAT Service

Harris Corp. subsidiary CapRock Communications has launched its turnkey FieldAccess VSAT service offering for land drilling, shallow-water and production platform markets in the United States.
The off-the-shelf service suite includes broadband Internet, voice connectivity, corporate networking, real-time data, equipment and technical support under all-inclusive pricing plans. CapRock said it would leverage in-region field technicians for FieldAccess technical support in order to provide quicker service response.

“CapRock has served clients with operations in the Gulf of Mexico for more than 29 years and holds approximately 50 percent market share within the drilling segment, but has not specifically targeted the shallow water production market. With our new service we will be able to further serve the production market and customers can now rely on us for all of their offshore communication needs,” CapRock Global Energy Services President Keith Johnson said in a statement.

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