martes, 3 de agosto de 2010

ViaSat Introduces High Definition Video Encoder at LandWarNet

EnerLinks High Definition Video Encoder with Integral H.264 Compression Readily Integrates to any TCDL, CDL or other IP-based data link.
ViaSat Inc.  has introduced a multichannel high definition (HD) video encoder that enables an IP-based data link to transmit standards-based H.264 compressed, HD full-motion video.

Designed to meet the environmental constraints of tactical unmanned systems, the EnerLinks HD Encoder is compatible with the industry's most advanced ISR sensors and can simultaneously compress one to two streams of HD video, or one to four streams of standard definition (SD) video. In addition, the HD encoder can transport KLV metadata that is time-aligned to each video frame in compliance with MISB Standard 0604.1. Integration with IP-compliant data links is low risk as the compressed video and KLV metadata are output by the ViaSat HD Encoder as an MPEG-2 transport stream encapsulated in IP over Ethernet.
Ground systems such as ROVER, OSRVT, and VideoScout can readily receive the CDL transmission and use an H.264 software decoder supporting an MPEG-2 transport stream to display or exploit the video content.
Following the EnerLinks legacy, the EnerLinks HD Encoder is I/O rich, with interfaces to provide metadata via TCP/IP or UDP/IP over Ethernet or via serial ports, two HD-SDI digital video ports, and four NTSC/PAL analog video ports. These interfaces provide the flexibility needed to interface with most HD or SD sensor systems.

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