martes, 10 de agosto de 2010

Arianespace Announces Launch Contracts For Intelsat-20 And GSAT 10 Satellites

Leading international satellite operator Intelsat has chosen Arianespace to launch its Intelsat-20 satellite. Arianespace has announced that it has been chosen by Intelsat to launch the Intelsat-20 satellite during the second quarter of 2012.

Weighing 5,800 kg. at liftoff, Intelsat-20 will be boosted into geostationary transfer orbit by an Ariane 5 ECA from the European Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.
Intelsat-20 will be built by Space Systems/Loral and will provide at least 15 years of in-orbit service. Positioned at 68.5 degrees East, this high-power satellite will deliver a wide range of telecommunications, video, voice and data transmission services, enabling Intelsat to expand its global coverage in the C and Ku bands. It will replace the Intelsat-7 and Intelsat-10 satellites.
The launch is slated for the first quarter of 2012, using an Ariane 5 from the Guiana Space Center, Europe's Spaceport, in Kourou, French Guiana.
GSAT 10 will be the 15th ISRO satellite to use the European launcher. Starting with the Apple experimental satellite on Flight L03 in 1981, Arianespace has orbited 13 Indian satellites to date. Arianespace has another Indian satellite in its order book, INSAT 4G (GSAT-8).
GSAT 10 is designed, assembled and integrated by ISRO. Weighing about 3,425 kg. at launch, it has payloads for communications, navigation and broadcasting (DTH). Positioned at 83 degrees East, its primary payload comprises 12 Ku-band transponders, 12 C-band and 12 Extended C-band transponders. GSAT 10 coverage zone will include the entire Indian sub-continent. The satellite's design life exceeds 15 years.

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