jueves, 5 de agosto de 2010

Ease of ‘Plug and Play’ supports Thuraya IP competitiveness

The world’s smallest satellite broadband solution, Thuraya IP is designed with a user-friendly plug and play system. Thuraya IP is one of the few solutions on the market which does not require customers to install additional software when operating Thuraya IP.
Both data exchange and speed define the modern age of communication and those in need of rapid and reliable broadband services require easy and efficient access to the internet and email. Through a satellite broadband terminal such as Thuraya IP, customers can access high speed data services regardless of their location without having to install complicated and specialised software when using the solution which facilitates the connection process.

Thuraya IP is the first satellite broadband terminal to reach 384 Kbps video-streaming speeds and has Standard IP speeds of up to 444 Kbps. A-5 sized, it is a lightweight and portable device that offers asymmetric streaming whereby the user can select download and upload speeds without having to compromise on quality or cost. The terminal has seen market boost from vertical market customers such as broadcast media, government, oil and gas, military and individual users.

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