viernes, 13 de agosto de 2010

Spacenet signs contract with Valero

Spacenet, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gilat Satellite Networks and provider of broadband network solutions, has signed a contract with Valero to serve as a provider for broadband network managed services and offer connectivity to its nationwide wholesale locations.

Valero will be offering Spacenet's broadband communications services to support its primary retail applications and network backup.
Valero is leveraging Spacenet's satellite and digital subscriber line (DSL) broadband managed services as well as its Prysm Pro network appliance to support its retail applications. These applications include internet and intranet access, point-of-sale and credit and debit transactions, ATM transactions, Automatic Tank Gauge, WiFi, store loyalty programs and video security, the company said.
The upgraded network combines Spacenet's SkyEdge VSAT satellite platform and DSL managed services into a centrally managed, integrated platform that supports full Payment Card Industry compliance. The new network supports speeds, functionality and network availability to support expanding applications, the company added.

In addition, Valero is leveraging Spacenet's Prysm Pro, which is a modular IP network appliance that offers features including hybrid switching between wireline and wireless technologies for business continuity and network backup. Additionally, the Prysm Pro appliance can be integrated with Spacenet's managed network services, providing access to a web portal to enable centralized network management.

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