viernes, 6 de agosto de 2010

Comtech receives order for $ 2.9 million

Comtech Telecommunications Corp., has received $2.9 million of orders from a domestic prime contractor to supply broadband, solid state, high-power integrated amplifier systems.

Officials with Comtech said that these systems, which include the latest solid state transistor and switching technology and provide for very broad frequency coverage, are key components in radio signal jamming systems manufactured by our customer.

“Comtech PST continues its success and recognition as a premier supplier of solid state, high-power amplifier systems to the worldwide electronic warfare marketplace,” said Fred Kornberg, president and CEO of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. in a statement.

Kornberg said that this is another important set of orders for Comtech PST as it affirms the customers’ confidence in Comtech as a high volume manufacturer of high-power integrated amplifier systems.

Comtech PST Corp. is an independent supplier of broadband, high-power, high performance RF microwave amplifiers for use in a broad spectrum of applications including defense, medical, satellite communications systems and instrumentation.

In January, Comtech EF Data another subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. that develops satellite communication products, received a $1.3 million order for satellite communications equipment. According to the company officials, a leading telecommunications operator will install Comtech’s bandwidth-efficient satellite modems to allow for cellular backhaul network expansion in South America, a region that is experiencing significant satellite bandwidth shortages.

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